Please join us for our annual Sports day which will take place next Tuesday 18th June at 9.30am in the front playground. We would really appreciate it if you could dress your child with appropriate sports clothes and trainers the next few days as we practice sports day activities in school. The children can wear comfortable sports shoes and clothes that they are happy running in!

Thank you,

Nursery Team

This term, our nursery children will focus on enhancing their reading skills, specifically learning Phase 2 sounds in phonics in order to prepare them for Reception in September 2024. Each child has been given a reading bag containing a reading book, a book of their choice and a reading record. Please read with your child every night and make a comment on the reading journal. The book bags will be changed weekly every Wednesday, so please ensure that your child brings their books, reading journal, and reading bag to school on that day. 

Thank you,

Nursery Team

Dear Parents,

Welcome to the summer term! This term, our nursery children will embark on an exciting journey learning about the fascinating world under the sea and the various animals that inhabit it. For physical development, we will focus on balancing skills and practice numerous activities in preparation for sports day. We look forward to a fun and enriching term ahead!

The Nursery Team

Take a look below at all of our lovely paintings and drawings on display around the classroom. We have been working very hard on our fine motor skills.

This week in nursery, the children have been learning about the habitats of jungle animals and what kinds of animals might live in the jungle. They have been painting different animals that live in the jungle and acting out as gorillas, lions, and monkeys. They have enjoyed learning about the special features of these animals and have been designing their own animal masks. The children have also been working hard on their counting, cutting out different animals, and writing different labels/captions. The children are working extremely hard on their early sound recognition every morning in phonics. Please continue to help your child form letters at home and continue practicing writing their names. We would also appreciate it if you could read them a story every night before bed to help with their listening and comprehension skills.

Thank you for your continued support and help.



This week in nursery, we continue to learn about the creatures that we might find in the jungle. Here are a few pictures of the nursery children to show you their learning. We are continuing to read the story Monkey Puzzle by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler this week. In maths we are continuing to count our numbers to 10 and recognising the numbers. We are also working really hard this term on writing our letters. Please continue to support your child at home by reading a story to them everyday or perhaps taking them to a local library.

Thank you for your support,

The Nursery Team

We are reading the story Monkey puzzle for the next 2 weeks. We will be learning about the jungle and how to be a helpful friend. In the story, the butterfly was a helpful friend because she helped baby monkey find his family. Ask your child how they can help you at home? How can they be a good friend? Perhaps, a good brother or sister? How can we show kindness ?

Here is a link of the story below:

PowerPoint Presentation (

Storytime for kids read aloud – Monkey Puzzle by Julia Donaldson (

As the seasons change, we will use our senses to explore the world outdoors. We will learn about healthy food choices, where vegetables come from and the growing process of seeds. We will discover the importance of farming and farm animals in many different communities.

Home learning – can you design a healthy eating plate with your child at home ?

Please see an example below:

Thank you for your support!

Please kindly bring in any empty egg cartons, toilet rolls, empty milk containers or any cardboard boxes. We would really appreciate it! This term we will be creating lots of inventions using junk modelling resources both indoors and outdoors.

Thank you for your help.

We have an exciting competition aimed at encouraging children to improve their attendance and giving them a chance to win something special. Please see below for details.