Nursery children engaging in physical development activities experience numerous benefits for their overall growth. Through play, such as running, jumping, climbing, and playing with balls or other equipment, children develop their gross motor skills, coordination, balance, and strength. These activities also promote social interaction, teamwork, and communication skills as children engage with their peers in play settings. Physical activities in nursery settings contribute to a healthy lifestyle, fostering habits of regular exercise and movement from a young age. Help your child to go on long walks with you and take them to the park as much as you can.

Nursery children have been engaging in writing with chalk outside, this activity can greatly benefit their physical development. As they grip the chalk and make marks on the ground or chalkboard, they are refining their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. The act of writing with chalk also encourages children to use larger arm movements and engage their shoulder muscles, promoting gross motor development. Additionally, writing with chalk in different positions such as standing, kneeling, or lying down helps enhance their balance and spatial awareness. Home learning – children can have a go outside in the park drawing using chalk.

Take a look at what we have been doing this week. We have really enjoyed going outside into the big playground and having a run! We have also been sharing and taking turns with our friends. Everyday we learn through our play. We love to dress up, play on the see-saw outside, read books and play with playdough. During circle time we have also been talking about what our favourite fruit is and we have been continuing to learn about healthy eating. For your home learning… can you draw your favourite fruit and bring it into school to show your friends?

This week we have really enjoyed learning about Easter and what celebrations are. We have started to read the story ‘Were going on an egg hunt’. The children enjoyed painting their own egg, designing a large egg using tissue paper and going on an egg hunt. In Maths we have been learning to write our numbers to 10 and counting backwards/forwards. The children have been working very hard on their number recognition skills. In phonics we have been working on recognising different sounds, reading rhyming stories and singing lots of songs. We have been continuing to work hard on recognising and writing our own names. Please continue to help your child practice writing their names at home.

Here is the link for our story of the week: We’re Going on an Egg Hunt Read Aloud – Children’s Book 🥚 (

Thank you for your support.

Nursery Team

We had a lovely day celebrating World Book Day! It was a fun filled day where the children came into school wearing their own pyjamas and spoke about their favourite bed time stories. We also read lots of classical children’s stories such as: The Tiger Who Came To Tea, The Hungry Crocodile, The Gruffalo and many more books. The children also enjoyed designing their own potatoes with their favourite characters printed on top using colouring pens, we also designed our own story books and created our favourite characters using playdough outdoors. Thank you for all your support at home!

I hope you’re all having a wonderful week! I wanted to share with you what we’ve been up to in nursery this week. We have been diving into the delightful story of ‘The Pig in the Pond,’ sparking the children’s imaginations through role play, word writing, and exciting reading adventures. It’s been such a joy to see their enthusiasm and engagement with the story. Looking forward to more fun and learning ahead!

We invite our nursery children to dress in their pyjamas on Wednesday, 6th March, as we celebrate World Book Day and discuss their favourite bedtime stories. It will be a fun-filled day with lots of arts and crafts activities centred around World Book Day.

Our nursery children are delighting in the experience of listening to captivating stories being read aloud, while also seizing the opportunity to independently access books from our library corner. Please help your child foster a love for reading by reading at home with them. Why not take your child to the local library and discuss what a library is?

Our nursery children are on an exciting journey of discovery as they learn to count to 10 and beyond, using the natural world around them, loose parts. as well as building blocks and Lego bricks. Please continue to help your child at home with their counting and recognising the numbers.

We thank you for your continued support.

Welcome back to Spring 1! We are diving into lessons about healthy eating and growth. This week, we’ve been immersed in the story of “Oliver’s Vegetables.” The children have been enjoying tasting various fruits, crafting their healthy eating plates, designing their own vegetables, role playing at a dental surgery and engaging in discussions about healthy and unhealthy foods during circle time.