As we come to the close of our Reception year, we know that parents and carers are thinking towards how they can support their child over the summer for Year 1. We have been working throughout Summer Term to prepare the children for their transition. Please read the below information to help you support your child.


Along with our daily lessons, in Reception we learn through play. We have lots of independent learning activities to choose from…

Have a look at some of the things we do…

Threading helps our fine motor skills.

Building a tall tower using the giant Lego. How tall are you? Are you taller, shorter or the same as the tower?

We made houses for our small world toys. 

Our reading area is a space to enjoy many different books, together or independently. Do you have a favourite book?

We love using our Octons to construct and create.

Imaginative play builds our social and communication skills.

We like playing Teachers. Miss Ellery and Ms Kelleher even let us use their teacher things!

As we are getting ready for Year 1, we have been taking our learning to the tables. This will help us get prepared for next year!

Exploring colour and colour mixing in the creative area.

The writing area is a busy and fun place to be. It’s definitely a big hit! We use our Grow the Code display to write our words.

Even our outdoor area boasts a lively writing table. We spend so much time here – working together and independently.


We work and play alongside and with our friends. We share, take turns, talk and ask each other lots of questions.

We love having visitors so if you would like to come and see our learning, please arrange a visit with the school office!

Goodbye for now,

The Reception Team

Sports Day

Our Sports Day will be on Tuesday 18th June. Parents and carers are invited to come and support the children.


Diversity Picnic

On Friday 5th July, the children will be celebrating themselves. We will be having a picnic in the afternoon and the children can wear their own clothes. We want to celebrate our diversity by sharing our cultures, pride, languages, and individuality. Children can wear traditional dress, a colour they love, rainbows or whatever they feel comfortable in. We welcome any snacks or traditional finger food to be shared with the children on this day – no nuts or nut products please.


Graduation Celebration

Reception will be celebrating the end of their Early Years journey on Monday 15th July at 9:30am. Parents and carers are invited to come and see the children perform some special songs and receive their certificates.


Last Day of School

The last day of the school year will be Friday 19th July – school closes at 2pm.

We hope that you all had a lovely break! 

Our topic this term is Toys. We will look at old and new toys, discussing the similarities and differences between them. Throughout this topic, our key books are…



As we look towards September and the transition to Year 1, our Literacy and Maths focus for this half term will be around the Early Learning Goals.


Comprehension ELG Children at the expected level of development will:

Demonstrate understanding of what has been read to them by retelling stories and narratives using their own words and recently introduced vocabulary;

Anticipate – where appropriate – key events in stories;

Use and understand recently introduced vocabulary during discussions about stories, non-fiction, rhymes and poems and during role-play.

Word Reading ELG Children at the expected level of development will: 

Say a sound for each letter in the alphabet and at least 10 digraphs;

Read words consistent with their phonic knowledge by sound-blending;

Read aloud simple sentences and books that are consistent with their phonic knowledge, including some common exception words.

Writing ELG Children at the expected level of development will:

Write recognisable letters, most of which are correctly formed;

Spell words by identifying sounds in them and representing the sounds with a letter or letters;

Write simple phrases and sentences that can be read by others.


Number ELG Children at the expected level of development will:

Have a deep understanding of number to 10, including the composition of each number;

Subitise (recognise quantities without counting) up to 5;

Automatically recall (without reference to rhymes, counting or other aids) number bonds up to 5 (including subtraction facts) and some number bonds to 10, including double facts.

Numerical Patterns ELG Children at the expected level of development will:

Verbally count beyond 20, recognising the pattern of the counting system;

Compare quantities up to 10 in different contexts, recognising when one quantity is greater than, less than or the same as the other quantity;

Explore and represent patterns within numbers up to 10, including evens and odds, double facts and how quantities can be distributed equally.

Little Wandle Phonics

I can read the following words – I can sound out the word / I can read the word by sight.




Please don’t forget to check your allocated time for Parent/ Carer Meetings as we are running these on multiple days.

We are looking forward to seeing you to discuss your child’s learning!

We’d like to gently remind you that meeting slots are not flexible as we have so many lovely parents and carers to see – if you feel your meeting needed to go on longer than the allocated 15 minutes, do just ask to make another appointment. Please make sure you arrive five minutes before your meeting time.

Thank you,

The Reception Team

We are looking forward to meeting with you all over the next few weeks. Every child has been given an appointment – it is very important that you attend to discuss your child’s progress and attainment. A list of times will be displayed at the Reception entrance to remind you of your slot. Please make sure you look at this to check your time.

The year has flown by and we can’t believe that we’re in our final term of the Reception year!

As we approach Year 1, we are building the stepping stones for a secure transition. Please use the links in our previous blogs to revisit and review our learning. The images below show the Early Learning Goals that your child is expected to have achieved by the end of Reception. As we work to ensure that your child feels confident in most of these areas, it is crucial that you are working with them at home to consolidate their learning in school.

Please remember to read daily with your child. 


This term, we are reviewing Phase 2 and 3 sounds and tricky words. We will use our phonetic knowledge to begin reading, writing and spelling longer words. Take a look at the following links for some free Home Learning resources.

For Maths, our first block of learning will be focusing on numbers to 20 and beyond. This week, children will be asked to choose a number card, make the number on a counting string and build the number using building blocks. At home, you can support this learning with the following free resources.

As always, Home Learning is due every Wednesday and is given out every Friday.

Looking forward to a happy and exciting Summer Term!

Thank you for your continued support,


The Reception Team


Hello to our lovely Reception parents and carers,

We are so excited to begin our new term and continue our wonderful learning. This term, our topic is Earth and Beyond – we will discover the planets in our solar system and explore outer space.

Here’s a song to sing at home!

As we begin a new term we would like to kindly remind you that the school day begins at 8:45am and ends at 3:15pm. It is essential for your child’s learning and progress that they arrive on time daily. We are understanding of the occasional lateness but consistent lateness has a huge impact on your child’s overall school experience and we do keep a daily record of late arrivals. 

We will be updating this blog weekly with examples of our learning and ideas for home learning so please remember to keep checking the blog!

If you have any questions please come and chat to a member of the Reception Team.

– Miss Ellery and Ms Kelleher

Please take a look at this poster to find out more about free family activities this Half Term break.