Our science topic this term is ‘Forces and Magnets‘.

We have learnt that a force can be a push or a pull. We investigated the effects of friction on different surfaces. A force meter was used to measure the amount of force required to drag an object across different surfaces.

This week, we explored magnetic force. What fun we had exploring the properties of magnets and learning that magnetism doesn’t need contact in order for the force to be applied!

We were able to see that the same two sides of a magnet repel but the opposite sides of a magnet attract. Did you know that a magnetic field is created between the two poles of a magnet? When the different poles (north and south) of two magnets face each other, the magnetic lines of force are going in the same direction, and so the different poles attract each other. When the poles are facing each other the magnetic lines of force are going in different directions, so they push each other apart. 



We look forward to seeing the outstanding homework children complete for this term’s topic: Through the Ages -Stone Age to Iron Age. We have already seen some excellent drawings of prehistoric beasts!

Here’s the homework grid: Curriculum homework- Through the Ages

Have a look at the knowledge organiser here: Knowledge organiser The Stone Age

Topic and Writing Outcomes

This half term we will be travelling back in time to  the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age to learn about life before written history.  We will find out the difference between primary and secondary sources of historical evidence and understand why one is more reliable than the other.

We have already made a great start to our learning during our immersion afternoon.  We had great fun making our own den art and  Stone Age tools.  We even tried our hand at excavating artefacts from our excavation trays.  At the end of this topic, we will be designing, making and evaluating our own prehistoric jewellery.

In our writing outcomes for this  topic, we will  be writing a non chronological report and a narrative about life during that period.


In Maths, we will be adding and subtracting 3-digit numbers.  This will  build on the learning from  year 2, so to  be successful in this unit,  children will need to be secure in their knowledge of place value and addition and subtraction facts for numbers up to 20.


In Science, we will be finding out about forces, friction and magnetic forces in particular.  As part of this unit, we will be conducting fair tests to investigate how forces act upon everyday objects.

Things to Remember

Books are changed every Tuesday and Thursday.  Children must attempt three of the questions at the front of their reading record per week.  For the autumn term, adults are expected to sign reading records every day.

P.E. is every Monday (Orion) and Friday (Columbia).  On those days children are expected to bring their full P.E. Kits.




Good Afternoon All,

Just a quick message to say welcome to Columbia and Orion.

Staff Members:

Columbia –  Mrs. Campbell-Whitfield and Mrs. Onwumelu

Orion:  Ms. Cole, Ms. Sitch and Mrs. Baker

Orion meet the teacher presentation sept 2022 adapted

Columbia meet the teacher presentation sept 2022

Kind regards,

Mrs Campbell-Whitfield

We have reached the end of the Summer 1 half term!

Our topic this half term was Natural Disasters, where the children have explored a range of natural disasters including volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, tsunamis and hurricanes. They have used map skills and learned lots about the Earth’s structure. Our written tasks have been explanation texts and poems, in which the children have demonstrated a range of new skills.

In Maths, we looked at fractions and began exploring time. Please continue this over half term and encourage children to read the clock daily.

In science, we have studied rocks and soils. We carried out investigations that included classifying and comparing. We looked at fossil formation and the work of Mary Anning.

PE this half term has focussed on Athletics, where the children have built skills in running, jumping and throwing.

Next half term, we will be taking traveling back in time to Ancient Egypt!

Thank you for your continued support and for all the donations towards our Jubilee party. It was enjoyed by all and the generosity was very appreciated.

We look forward to the final half term!

Mrs Campbell-Whitfield and Mr Ward

Dear All,

Friday marked the half-way point in this half term! I’m sure many of you will join me in finding great joy the nearer we get to the summer daylight hours.

Last week was Writing Week so the children were given the opportunity to show off their writing skills in the form of a letter to a friend, based upon the novel we are reading, ‘Ted and his Time-Travelling Toilet: Tudor Tangle’. We saw some wonderful work across the classes, with lots of ambitious vocabulary being used.

In Maths, we started looking at measures and converting units of measure. This is a skill that will continue to be developed over the coming weeks. We had lots of enjoyment in class measuring different objects. Try asking the children what unit of measure is best for measuring different things.

In Science, we made the most of the sun and investigated the question: ‘Do people with longer legs jump further than those with shorter legs?’. This task showed great scientific enquiry.

Finally, it has been so nice hearing the children talking about their reading books from World Book Day. We had so much fun going to the Review book store in Peckham, where each of the children cashed in their tokens to get a free book. Please encourage the children to continue reading and share their love for it.

Let’s keep pushing for the final few weeks of the term!

Mrs Campbell-Whitfield and Mr Ward



Hello all

Thank you for reading our blog! This half term has started fantastically! There has been lots going on inside the school and we are in full momentum for the coming weeks.

This half term, our topic is Tudor Britain. So far, we have explored the Tudor monarchs and the timeline of events through the Tudor era. We also looked at what life was like for children during the Tudor times.

The book we are reading in DR is ‘Ted and his Time-Traveling Toilet: Tudor Tangle’ by Steven Vinacour. It has been going down very well with the classes with lots of laughs!

In Maths, we have been looking at data representations, such as bar charts and tally charts. This is a good skill for the children to begin to analyse and unpick data, particularly helping their reasoning development.

Science this half term looks at the human body and later on we will be looking at plants. They children have been learning about the skeleton and what the purpose is of different bones. Try testing them at home, they have a lot to say!

We have been lucky enough to have had an external yoga instructor come in to complete 3 sessions of yoga, something the children enjoyed very much. We are continuing with our PE curriculum and hopefully as the weather warms up, we will be able to do this outside (fingers crossed!).

This week, we celebrated World Book Day. It was so fun seeing the children in their costumes and sharing their love of reading. We looked at a book by Aaron Becker called ‘Journey’. The children made story boards, predicting new endings and had the opportunity for role play. We also made diary entries from the perspective of the main character.

To finish up, we want to remind parents that they can contact us through Class Dojo, or feel free to talk to us at the end of the day. We also ask that you continue to sign your child’s reading record weekly so we can track what the children are reading at home. Please understand that sometimes the timetable has to change unexpectantly but we endeavour to cover our entire curriculum and are always willing to explain any changes.

Have a great weekend!


Hello all,

We have had a busy week in Year 3 this week! In Maths, we started the week with some more column method work before moving on to estimating and rounding, which is reflected in the homework for this week.

In our Learning Across the Curriculum lessons, we have been looking at stone age jewellery and tools, including looking at the materials and methods used to create them. We even had some children pitching their ‘inventions’ in a Dragons Den-style pitch!

The skill we have been focusing on in DR has been ‘inferring’, so please test the children on this skill over the weekend. We read ‘Stone Age Boy’ as a class this week, which the children seemed to enjoy lots.

We saw huge improvements in the home reading engagement levels this week (with a year 3 class winning the school-wide home reading competition), so please keep this enthusiasm going for the coming weeks as it has really reflected in class!

Have a lovely weekend and we look forward to seeing everyone Monday!

Mrs Campbell-Whitfield and Mr Ward

Below is a message from our student council, please have a read!
“Hi, we are the student council from Oliver Goldsmith Primary School.
We have a great school but it is in a very busy part of London and the traffic is all around us. We want to add lots of green space to our school playground where we can play and learn. We want to grow plants, flowers, trees and vegetables so that we can create a positive environment.
We want to use re-cycled materials to support our planting, seating and shade in the playground.
This is all very expensive so this is why we are trying to raise funds to help us create a future proof, environmentally positive space.
We would love to be able to do this so we are asking for your kind donation to support us with this. Thank you.”
Any donations would be hugely appreciated! Follow this link to find out more: