We are currently learning about prime numbers, and then will be moving on to square and cube numbers in maths this week.

What’s a prime number? How many of the prime numbers between 0 and 100 can you recall?

What’s a square/cube number?

Dear Challenger,

Please see an assortment of tasks below to keep your brain stimulated over the holidays, and get you ready for your return in January!

You can complete them in any order that you wish.

Record your answers in your respective homework books: if it’s a maths activity, then it goes in your maths book. If it’s a writing/reading/SPAG activity, then it goes in your LAtC homework book.

Be sure to spread the activities out over the holiday-don’t do them all at once!

Task 1- Writing Task- Continue the story. 

Task 2- Spelling

Task 3- Synonyms and Antonyms

Task 4- Fiction Comprehension

Task 5- Non Fiction Comprehension

Task 6- Poetry Comprehension

Task 7:   SPAG Test  Click on the attached link to complete the test in a Google Form (You don’t need to write the answers out in your LAtC book- just type straight into the Google Form).

Task 8- Maths- Addition and Subtraction Revision and Practice


Homework is due on Wednesday 4th January 2023. 


Wishing you a restful break, a very merry Christmas, and a happy new year. See you in 2023!

Miss M

Dear Challenger,

As discussed in class, please see your homework for this weekend below:

  1. Spelling/grammar– Please complete Oak Academy’s lessons 1-4 in the link below:


Then complete the sheet in your red homework book afterwards too. 


2. Maths– Please watch the video below to help you complete this week’s maths homework sheet in your yellow book (related multiplication facts).

Maths- Related Multiplication Facts


All homework is to be handed in on Monday 12th December. If there is a legitimate reason as to you why you have not been able to complete your homework, then a signed letter from your adult at home explaining why is to be brought in on Monday.


Miss M

Year 6,

Please enjoy learning the attached songs ready for our Christmas Carol Concert on Tuesday 13th December at 2:45pm. Many of the songs will be familiar to you already!

Christmas Carol Concert Songs and Lyrics


Dear Challenger,

Next week is mock SATs week.

Please complete the following practise papers, record your answers (AND WORKINGS) in your maths and LAtC homework books:

Best presentation please, and I look forward to seeing your work on Monday 28th November. 


Please see your LAtC Homework in the link below

  1. Read the guidance pages
  2. Think about how you feel: Very confident? Confident? Not so confident?
    1. Not so confident: Complete only the pages that have 1 star at the bottom of them
    2. Confident: Complete only the pages that have 2 stars at the bottom of them
    3. Very confident: Complete only the pages that have 3 stars at the bottom of them

Regular and Irregular Verbs

Remember: if for any reason you are unable to complete your homework this weekend, then a letter from your adult at home needs to be brought in on Monday explaining why.


Please see this week’s homework below in the link. Please copy and complete the questions in your LAtC book. This homework is due in Monday 14th November.

Full stops and capital letters

Best presentation please.

Have a great weekend,

Miss M

Today, in Challenger, we continued to learn about the Blitz and analysed Hitler’s Blitzkrieg tactic. Could you write a non-chronological report about the Blitz? Could you practise writing a newspaper report in advance of us writing one in class?

Tomorrow, in maths, we will continue to learn about negative numbers and then we will move on to column addition and subtraction. Please do use the websites/other resources that you have at home to get a head start with these areas before we learn them further in class.

Dear Challenger,

It was great to see so many of you at Parents’ Meetings this week, and it’s great to hear that all of you are keen to do extra learning at home to help improve your progress. Please see some great websites below that will provide you with materials across the key subjects: English Grammar, Spelling, Maths and Reading.

  1. Oak Academy This website is great for all subjects. Be sure to click on the necessary subject links to access the materials.
  2. BBC Bitesize : BBC is another great resource to learn in all of the key subjects.
  3. Khan Academy on YouTube: Khan Academy is a great YouTube channel to help teach you the different concepts that we learn in maths. You will just need to type the area of maths into YouTube alongside Khan Academy, and find the video e.g. rounding Khan Academy.

Lastly, I am pleased to share that Invicta Academy are offering FREE online classes over the October Half Term. Please click on the link below to book your place if you wish to attend (remember, we are Upper Key Stage 2).

FREE Half Term Online Classes

Be sure to get a good balance between some hours of study and downtime a day.

I look forward to seeing you on Monday 31st October. Please remember to bring in your homework!

Happy holidays,

Miss Maitland


Year 6 are well underway with our learning about World War 2. Be sure to use the knowledge organiser below to help revise the key facts, and to support you with your weekly Learning Across the Curriculum homework.

WW2 Knowledge Organiser