Reading Comprehension

Reading comprehension is the ability to read a text and understand its meaning. So, in our Big Picture lessons on Fridays, we have a go at answering comprehension questions and take care to select from a wide range of texts.

As the year progresses, we are encouraging year 4s to become more independent in selecting a wide range of texts to read. We feel strongly that the wider our children read, the more their background knowledge of different areas improve. This is very important for good comprehension.

Have a look at some tips below on how to help your child choose the right book.


Here are some books for year 4s

50 Recommended Reads for Year 4

Learning Across the Curriculum

This term we have been learning all about the geography of the United Kingdom.

Did you know that the official name of the UK is The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland?

We have found out so many interesting facts.  Go ahead and test yourself. How much do you know about the UK?

    • How many countries make up the UK?
    • What are their capital cities?
    • What is the longest river in the UK called?
    • What is the highest mountain in the UK called?
    • How many bodies of water surround the UK? Can you name them
    • How has erosion affected the landscape of UK coasts?