Pupil Premium

Pupil premium strategy: Click here

Pupil Premium is a Fund the school receives from the Government to raise the attainment of disadvantaged children and close the gap between them and their peers.

Who is Eligible for Pupil Premium Funding?

The school receives Pupil Premium funding for children whose families are eligible for certain benefits.  Parents/Carers must complete a form upon entry to the school so that the school can receive this money. 

  • In 2013-2014 68% of OGPS children were eligible to receive this fund.
  • In 2014-2015 64% of OGPS children were eligible to receive this fund.
  • In 2015-2016 56% of OGPS children are eligible to receive this fund.

This downward trend reflects less families being eligible to receive benefits.

Why are less families eligible for benefits in our area?

There are three main reasons:

  1.  The Government has changed eligibility criteria, so less families are eligible for benefits – therefore there are less eligible children attending our school.
  2. Some families have been re-housed out of the area.  If children move schools, the funding goes with them to their new school.
  3. New families have moved into the area who are not eligible for benefits – so the school cannot claim Pupil Premium funding for these children.

How much Pupil Premium funding does Oliver Goldsmith Primary School receive?

For each child eligible the school receives £1,320.  In 2014-2015 the school received £400,400.00.  In 2015-2016 the school received £316,800.00

What does OGPS spend the Pupil Premium Fund on?

Most of our Pupil Premium fund is spent on staffing to support financially disadvantaged children, with the aim of raising their attainment.  Please click on the link below to see a graph of the areas we spend the money on:

Graph of Pupil premium spending 2014-2015 and 2015-2016

What difference does the money make for children?

If you would like to see a summary list of what difference Pupil Premium funding made to children last year please click on this link:

Summary List: What difference did Pupil Premium funding make in 2014-2015?

If you would like to see our full Pupil Premium Report, please click on the below link:

Full Pupil Premium Report 2014-2015

Sports Premium

The school offers a vast array of P.E. and sporting opportunities. We are proud of our school Football Team who compete each Saturday in South London competitions. We also have a school Netball team.

To help improve the fitness of all children, Oliver Goldsmith (like many local schools) received P.E. and Sports funding from the Government to the value of £10,080.

We decided to join the London P.E. and Sports Network, run from Bacon’s college by using £7,056. By linking with the London P.E. and Sports Network we have been able to be involved in support teaching, curriculum support for teachers, P.E. planning support , a weekly KS1 Multi-skills club and our children have had the opportunity to be involved in sporting competitions throughout the borough.

With the remaining £3024, we bought in independent Street Dance lessons for the children, plus Tennis and Basketball Coaching. The children have really enjoyed these opportunities.

We also have received a Big Lottery Grant of £10,000 which partially funds sports coaches to work with every child in the school.  This has enabled children to receive high quality sporting provision when teachers have planning, preparation and assessment release time.  Our sports coaches also run lunchtime and afterschool clubs with the children.