Last week, Year 6 took part in the Bexley Junior Citizenship Scheme giving them the opportunity to learn citizenship messages and life skills directly from the:

  • Metropolitan Police
  • London Fire Brigade
  • London Ambulance Service
  • The Blue Cross
  • Transport for London

The children were investigating with electrical components

This half term we are learning about Europe.

Which countries use the euro (€) as their currency? Can you find out which currency other European countries use?

What is the population of Europe? Which European country has the largest population? Which has the smallest? What are the most and least populated cities in Europe? How does Europe’s population compare to other continents and countries?



Homework Card

What another fantastic day at PGL for Discovery and Challenger! We’ve enjoyed climbing, buggy building, challenge courses and had ‘the best time of our lives’ raft building. Plenty of tasty food again for breakfast, lunch and dinner followed by the disco to end the day! Lots of laughter, dancing and fun.   Can’t believe tomorrow is our last day! 😟



Year 6 have had a great first day at PGL! After our journey down to Wiltshire, we got straight into the activities, enjoying the Zipwire, Challenge Course, Climbing & Survivor tasks! We’ve even had free time- playing football and thinking of team names and mottos!

Dinner this evening was yummy 😋, and then we ended the day with a competitive game of Capture the Flag. Time for bed now as we have a very early start tomorrow!

The ye

PLEASE note that the 2023 Key Stage 2 SATs were originally due to start on Monday 8th May 2023 but this has been shuffled back by one day to Tuesday 9th May due to the extra bank holiday for the King’s coronation.

Date Exam
Tuesday 9 May 2023 Grammar, Punctuation & Spelling – Paper 1
Grammar, Punctuation & Spelling – Paper 2
Wednesday 10 May 2023 English Reading
Thursday 11 May 2023 Maths Paper 1 (Arithmetic)
Maths Paper 2 (Reasoning)
Friday 12 May 2023 Maths Paper 3 (Reasoning)

Unfortunately this does mean that pupils will be taking their national assessment tests immediately after a bank holiday, possibly impacting attainment.