Hello all,

We have had a busy week in Year 3 this week! In Maths, we started the week with some more column method work before moving on to estimating and rounding, which is reflected in the homework for this week.

In our Learning Across the Curriculum lessons, we have been looking at stone age jewellery and tools, including looking at the materials and methods used to create them. We even had some children pitching their ‘inventions’ in a Dragons Den-style pitch!

The skill we have been focusing on in DR has been ‘inferring’, so please test the children on this skill over the weekend. We read ‘Stone Age Boy’ as a class this week, which the children seemed to enjoy lots.

We saw huge improvements in the home reading engagement levels this week (with a year 3 class winning the school-wide home reading competition), so please keep this enthusiasm going for the coming weeks as it has really reflected in class!

Have a lovely weekend and we look forward to seeing everyone Monday!

Mrs Campbell-Whitfield and Mr Ward

Below is a message from our student council, please have a read!
“Hi, we are the student council from Oliver Goldsmith Primary School.
We have a great school but it is in a very busy part of London and the traffic is all around us. We want to add lots of green space to our school playground where we can play and learn. We want to grow plants, flowers, trees and vegetables so that we can create a positive environment.
We want to use re-cycled materials to support our planting, seating and shade in the playground.
This is all very expensive so this is why we are trying to raise funds to help us create a future proof, environmentally positive space.
We would love to be able to do this so we are asking for your kind donation to support us with this. Thank you.”
Any donations would be hugely appreciated! Follow this link to find out more:

Hello all!

It has been a fast-paced first week back, making a great start to the new half term.

In maths this week, we have been covering addition and subtraction using the column method.

We have also introduced our new topic which is Through the Ages. We have talked about what history is and dived into the different periods within the Stone Age. Our DR lessons have been linked to this, reading the book Cavekid Birthday whilst focusing on predicting.

Our science topic this half term is Magnets and Forces, so this week we began looking at some of the different forces. This will be covered more throughout the half term.

Please keep reading with children at home. It is essential that parents leave comments in the reading records so we have a good understanding of what is happening at home.

Enjoy the weekend and we look forward to another great week next week.

Mrs Campbell-Whitfield and Mr Ward

Hello All,

Today, we were lucky enough to have Rock Steady deliver workshops for us all. It was great seeing all of the future drummers, singers, keyboard players and guitarists from Year 3 enjoying themselves!

Since the return, we have been very busy and making leaps of progress across the curriculum. In topic, we have been building on our geography skills whilst learning about Kenya which has enabled us to write tourist leaflets so be sure to ask your own personal tour guides at home all about Kenya! In theme with our topic, we have been reading Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughters and Lila and the Secret of Rain in our reading lessons. In Maths, we have been focusing on place value and the children have been learning how to represent 3-digit numbers. In Science, we have been learning about the different food groups and what constitutes a traditionally balanced diet.

Going forwards, we will be preparing to write a piece of descriptive writing about the day in the life of a child in Kenya, developing the necessary skills needed for this task. In Maths, we will be learning to add and subtract with 3-digit numbers.

Just as a reminder, our PE day is Wednesday, so please try to come in to school in a PE kit on Wednesdays only. We also ask that you continue to practice spellings at home and listen to your child read daily, recording all responses in the reading record.

Have a lovely weekend and let’s keep the positive energy flowing for the coming weeks!


Mrs Campbell-Whitfield and Mr Ward

Hello all!

Well done for getting through a warm and wonderful first week back! It has been great to see everyone again along with some new additions to our classes. We hope everyone settled in well and feels pleased to be back.

This week, we have been using our time to get to know the children and begin to introduce the new topic (Kenya) for this half term, along with Destination Reader which is a new concept for children starting KS2.

It was a pleasure to meet so many of you at the Meet the Teacher talks on Friday – we hope you found this useful. To follow up from this, we have attached the presentation to this blog for you to read. We would appreciate if you can all connect with us on Class Dojo as this is a good way for us to communicate throughout the year. If yo have any more questions from the session, feel free to contact us this way.

Have a great weekend, get some rest and we will see you all Monday!

Mr Ward and Mrs Campbell-Whitfield

Meet the teacher presentation Year 3 2021

Hello All,

We are all excited to see you on Monday 6th September and hope you had a lovely summer.

This year, your teachers will be Mrs Campbell-Whitfield (Columbia) and Mr Ward (Orion), assisted by Mrs Baker and Ms Doswell.

Our topic to start this year is Kenya so if you have any interesting artefacts to bring and share, feel free to do so.

Mrs Campbell-Whitfield and Mr Ward

Have a go at completing some musical tasks for your homework, just click the link below.

Music HW Mancini

Click the link below and let the story unfold as you take a  walk with your family and friends. There are lots of activities to join in with and trails to follow this is a fun way to engage with stories while on the move.



Click the link below and read the extract.

Can you predict what might happen next? Can you write the next chapter?


Musical research and activities.

SLP2- Samuel Coleridge-Taylor