Half-way point

Dear All,

Friday marked the half-way point in this half term! I’m sure many of you will join me in finding great joy the nearer we get to the summer daylight hours.

Last week was Writing Week so the children were given the opportunity to show off their writing skills in the form of a letter to a friend, based upon the novel we are reading, ‘Ted and his Time-Travelling Toilet: Tudor Tangle’. We saw some wonderful work across the classes, with lots of ambitious vocabulary being used.

In Maths, we started looking at measures and converting units of measure. This is a skill that will continue to be developed over the coming weeks. We had lots of enjoyment in class measuring different objects. Try asking the children what unit of measure is best for measuring different things.

In Science, we made the most of the sun and investigated the question: ‘Do people with longer legs jump further than those with shorter legs?’. This task showed great scientific enquiry.

Finally, it has been so nice hearing the children talking about their reading books from World Book Day. We had so much fun going to the Review book store in Peckham, where each of the children cashed in their tokens to get a free book. Please encourage the children to continue reading and share their love for it.

Let’s keep pushing for the final few weeks of the term!

Mrs Campbell-Whitfield and Mr Ward