Autumn 2 Week 3 2023

This week in Year 5

This week in Year 5 we have continued to study WW1 and begun to work towards our writing outcome, a balanced argument debating whether children should have contributed to the war effort. In order to strengthen writing skills for this we have looked at using a formal tone and technical language relating to the subject.

Also in Maths we have practiced multiplication techniques looking at place value and identifying prime numbers, cube number and square numbers.

In science we had a demonstration lesson explore what force’s act on an object when it floats in water, what is meant by buoyancy and what happens when you put raisins in lemonade.

We have also begun to practise for the upcoming Christmas performance.

Upcoming Events

20/11/23 – Inset day (school closed for children)

1/12/23 – School Trip to Tate Modern


School is closed to children on the 20th of November due to a school inset day

PE needs to be brought in but not worn on Thursdays

Swimming for Calipso will resume 27/11/23