Week 5 – Spring 2

This week in Year 5

This week in Year 5 we are continuing to study North America learning in detail about the physical geography of the Grand Canyon and how animals adapt to live there. As part of this we are considering what descriptive words are most effective in describing. Access to a wide vocabulary benefits children greatly in their writing and this can be developed through regular reading and discussing of books.

In Maths we have been doing assessments to draw attention to gaps in understanding. Many children did very well however all children have room to improve their maths through revision and home and practicing times tables.


Last day of term 28/3/24 – school day finishes at 2pm

PE kits needs to be brought in but not worn on Tuesdays

Reading Records need to be brought in Monday and Friday with 3 tasks being completed each week. Children should be practicing their reading every night and benefit from discussing what they are reading with adults.


Grand Canyon in Arizona, USA | Franks Travelbox