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Songs for the Year 6 play

Hi Year 6, Here are the songs that you will sing in your play. There is a copy with vocals (people singing) and without vocals. Listen and sing along to the version with vocals first. Once you are confident, practise using the version without vocals. Have a lovely weekend!   Reach For The Sky Can […]

PGL packing list

Dear Parents/Carers, Please see the recommended packing list below for the upcoming year 6 residential to PGL. Any questions, please do not hesitate to ask one of us at the end of the school day. Many thanks, Ms Maitland and Ms Montague

Revision Tools – Angles and possessive pronouns

Hey Year 6, Well done for working so hard this week. Have a look at the two posters below to help you with your revision of angles and remembering possessive pronouns. Can you come up with a way to remember the names of different types of angles? Remember, possessive pronouns are used to show who […]

Revision Tools- Verb Tenses Poster

Hey Year 6, Use the attached Verb Tenses poster to help you learn/remember the difference between verb tenses. What patterns can you spot? How can you help yourself remember the differences? Could you create a mnemonic or acronym?   Good luck!  

Challenger compete in a Netball Competition

A huge well done to all of Challenger Class, who competed in their first Netball competition at the GMH sports facility. The competition was tough, but everybody gave their best effort and one of the teams were just one point away from reaching the finals!!     Well done for working so hard, Challenger Class. […]