Welcome to our Nursery at Oliver Goldsmith Primary

Welcome to our Nursery. The children have all had a great start to the term learning about light and festivals. We have been decorating objects with patterns to learn more about the festival Diwali. The children have also really enjoyed using our book corner to read for pleasure. We welcome parents to join us every Friday at 8.50am to read with your child for 30mins. This is a wonderful opportunity for you to see how your child is getting on at school and a chance for them to use lots of language to retell stories. We are also learning to count to 10 in Maths using different natural objects such as sticks, leaves and conkers that we have picked up from outside. The children are really enjoying their physical play and love to explore outside with their friends. We would really appreciate it if you could kindly label the children’s bottles with their names and any school jumpers or t shirts. Thank you for your help and support.

The Nursery Team