How? When? Where?

Year 3 have been very busy this week with assessments, but in between assessments we have been learning about two different types of words groups, adverbs and subordinating conjunctions.

We have learned that adverbs can modify (change) a verb by describing how it is or was performed, and when or where it took place.  We also learned that they can also be used at the beginning of a sentence to modify (change) the whole sentence.  When this happens we call them fronted adverbials.  To help us remember the job of the adverbs we watched a great video about adverbs (see link below).

When we learned about subordinating conjunctions, we found out that subordinating conjunctions join dependent (subordinating) clauses to independent clauses. We also discovered that independent (subordinating) clauses do not make sense on their own, so they always needs an independent clause to support them. The video link below is a song about the different subordinating conjunctions that can be used in their writing.

Next week year 3 will be putting all this learning together to write narratives so watch this space.