The Snowman

This week our nursery buzzed with excitement as our little ones enjoyed a day filled with snowy fun inspired by “The Snowman” story.

The children crafted their own snowmen using cotton balls, buttons, and colorful paper.

We used the Tales Toolkit to retell the story and we also carried out a melting snowman science experiment. We used ice cubes and salt to observe the gradual melting process. This activity introduced basic scientific concepts and sparked wonder about the world around them.

The children also participated in a lively “Snowman Freeze Dance,” giggling and twirling to wintry tunes. This session promoted body coordination and it can also be carried out at home with parents!

We would really appreciate it if you can talk to your child about what they did in the nursery setting this week, what did they enjoy the most and perhaps make their very own snowman using some arts / crafts or pen & paper at home!

Thank you for your continued support.

The nursery team