Hello all!

On Friday 10th September we welcome all adults to meet their class teacher. You may come at 9:15am or 3:30pm. Attached are the slides.


Meet the teacher presentation 2021

We are excited and looking forward to meeting you all on Monday 6th September 2021.

This term in year 1 we will be learning about Amazing Africa focusing on geographical facts about Nigeria. For Maths we will focus on Place Value and number bonds and in Science we will learn about Plants. We will continue to post more information each week.

Miss Ellery – Aura  Class Teacher

Ms Bas – Opportunity Class Teacher

Ms Perry and Mrs Harlow – Year 1 LSA’s

We hope you have enjoyed your summer!


Ms Tascon and Ms Adenaike are both really looking forward to have you back and getting to know each other. We are confident this is going to be an excellent year for us all!


We have lots of new and exciting things for you to learn this year as well as hear about your summer holidays.

See you on Monday 6th September! 🙂

We cannot wait to see you all bright and early on Monday 6th September at 8:45am. We hope that you all have had a great holiday!

Enjoy your weekend.

Ms Montague and Miss Maitland

Hello everybody,

We are so excited to meet you all next week. We hope you had a lovely summer and are ready for the great year ahead.

You will come through the main school entrance and remember school now starts at 8:45 and finished at 3:15.

Have a lovely weekend Ulysses and Calypso class!

Miss Silvan, Miss Audain, Miss Cole and Miss Lopez .

Hello everybody! We are excited to have you in Apollo and Atlantis Class. We hope you have enjoyed your Summer! See you all on Monday 6th September at 8:45am! Ms Jordan and Miss Hira

Hello All,

We are all excited to see you on Monday 6th September and hope you had a lovely summer.

This year, your teachers will be Mrs Campbell-Whitfield (Columbia) and Mr Ward (Orion), assisted by Mrs Baker and Ms Doswell.

Our topic to start this year is Kenya so if you have any interesting artefacts to bring and share, feel free to do so.

Mrs Campbell-Whitfield and Mr Ward

Have a go at completing some musical tasks for your homework, just click the link below.

Music HW Mancini

Hello everyone!

Year 5 has been learning about The Great Plague.

Last week, we became wise women and created our own herbal remedies.

Do you have a headache? Try this mix of ginger, rosemary and cloves.


Do you have a stomach infection? Why not drink this delicious tea made of: Garlic, rosemary and mint.

Your sincerely,

Ulysses Apothecary in Oliver Goldsmith

Click the link below and let the story unfold as you take a  walk with your family and friends. There are lots of activities to join in with and trails to follow this is a fun way to engage with stories while on the move.