This term, Year 4 are practising their programming skills using Logo. We practised inputting basic commands to make an onscreen turtle move, then we moved onto inputting a longer string of instructions to make shapes and digits.


Happy New Year and welcome back to Spring Term

This week in Year 5

This week in Year 5 we are continuing to study the Ancient Maya learning about their place in history and location in the world. As part of this Language we are practicing use figurative language to describe.

In Maths we have been looking and division and multiplication methods, and the importance of strong times table skills. Children are encouraged to use Times Tables Rockstars regularly to support with this

As part of the school computing curriculum Year 5 are using computers to program Raspberry PI boards with simple coding using a framework called Crumble. They have been changing the colour of RGB LED lights, powering simple motors and controlling functions using switches and buttons.


PE kits needs to be brought in but not worn on Thursdays

Ulysses will be swimming until the end of term, and need their kits every Monday

Punctuality notice Jan 2024 1

This week, Year 4 have begun to learn how to multiply using the written column method. We used 10s and 1s place value counters to represent the calculation visually, then we used this to multiply the numbers in a formal method.


We are using the Little Wandle Phonics scheme to help us to learn early reading skills and are currently working on Phase 1. I have attached a leaflet for parents to read. There are some useful tips on how you can help your child at home to develop important skills for reading. I hope you find these tools helpful.


Thank you,

Nursery Team

This term, we will be studying The Great Fire of London. This week, the pupils learnt what Tudor houses were made from and had a go at building some out of cereal boxes. They had lots of fun decorating their houses which are looking great! Take a look.


Welcome back to school everyone, we hope you have had an enjoyable break.

This half term, Year 4 will be learning about the United Kingdom. We will be looking at the geography of the UK and will be writing our own travel guides. This term we will also be visiting a Buddhist centre for an RE trip (letters will be sent out soon).

United Kingdom Map | England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales30 Famous landmarks in the United Kingdom (UK) to visit8 Mountains You Should Climb in the United Kingdom - Much Better ...

This half term there will be a few changes to our weekly time table. Both Hubble and Pioneer will now have :

  • PE lessons on THURSDAY
  • Spelling tests on THURSDAY

A polite reminder that children should be wearing full uniform on PE day and should bring their PE kit in a bag to change into at school.

Maths and Spellings homework will be set on Fridays. LAC homework is set at the start of each half term.

Children should complete one Maths and one LAC each week in their books. Maths and LAC homework is due on Tuesdays.

Many thanks for your continued support,

The Year 4 teachers

As we embark on a brand new year, it brings us immense joy to extend warm wishes to all the parents out there. Happy New Year to you all!

This week, our young learners are diving into the traditional tale of “The Three Little Pigs.” The classic story not only captivates their imagination but also provides a wonderful platform for engaging and interactive learning.

little ones are actively participating in the narrative by creating their own houses, crafting puppets, and joyfully engaging in role-playing activities. The hands-on experience allows them to explore various materials, develop fine motor skills, and most importantly, fosters a love for storytelling.