Welcome to Year 5 Calipso…

PE day is Thursday, children are to bring in their PE kit and change in school.

Homework is given out on Friday and due in on Tuesday.

Please find attached the slides from the parent meeting.

Meet the Teacher Powerpoint for Blog

Hello Year 5.

In order to reduce use of paper we thought we could try putting the Maths homework on the blog. Children can then do the questions in their Maths yellow book.



Have a lovely weekend


Year 5 team.

Please find the slides for the Meet the teacher presentation.

Main important details:

-P.E times is Thursdays. Please come with P.E kit on.

– Book change is on Tuesday

– Homework is given out on Friday and should be brought in on Tuesday.


meet the teacher presentation Miss Silvan

Hello everybody,

We are so excited to meet you all next week. We hope you had a lovely summer and are ready for the great year ahead.

You will come through the main school entrance and remember school now starts at 8:45 and finished at 3:15.

Have a lovely weekend Ulysses and Calypso class!

Miss Silvan, Miss Audain, Miss Cole and Miss Lopez .

Have a go at completing some musical tasks for your homework, just click the link below.

Music HW Mancini

Hello everyone!

Year 5 has been learning about The Great Plague.

Last week, we became wise women and created our own herbal remedies.

Do you have a headache? Try this mix of ginger, rosemary and cloves.


Do you have a stomach infection? Why not drink this delicious tea made of: Garlic, rosemary and mint.

Your sincerely,

Ulysses Apothecary in Oliver Goldsmith

Click the link below and let the story unfold as you take a  walk with your family and friends. There are lots of activities to join in with and trails to follow this is a fun way to engage with stories while on the move.



Click the link below to find out about some of the great women who made history. Choose one to research and create a poster that tells us about their journey of greatness.



The second part of music reading is the music alphabet, which you can learn by watching this animated video