Dear Parents/Carers,  

 I am very pleased to invite you to our Nativity 2023. We will be celebrating Christmas by singing lots of special songs for you.  

Please join us on: 

 Monday 18th December at 10:00am   

 If you would prefer your child not to participate, please speak with your Class Teacher. Alternative arrangements will be made for children who do not wish to join in.  

 We look forward to seeing as many of your faces as possible at our Christmas show.  


The Nursery Team


Year 3 have been very busy this week with assessments, but in between assessments we have been learning about two different types of words groups, adverbs and subordinating conjunctions.

We have learned that adverbs can modify (change) a verb by describing how it is or was performed, and when or where it took place.  We also learned that they can also be used at the beginning of a sentence to modify (change) the whole sentence.  When this happens we call them fronted adverbials.  To help us remember the job of the adverbs we watched a great video about adverbs (see link below).

When we learned about subordinating conjunctions, we found out that subordinating conjunctions join dependent (subordinating) clauses to independent clauses. We also discovered that independent (subordinating) clauses do not make sense on their own, so they always needs an independent clause to support them. The video link below is a song about the different subordinating conjunctions that can be used in their writing.

Next week year 3 will be putting all this learning together to write narratives so watch this space.

On Wednesday 22nd November, Year 4 were lucky enough to visit The British Museum. We explored the galleries linked to our current topic (The Shang Dynasty) and then had the time to look at some of the other galleries that linked to previous topics too.

This week in nursery we explore the tale “Peace at Last”. Through interactive activities, these young nursery learners delve into the characteristics and habitats of bears, forging a connection between the fictional world of Mrs Bear and the real wonders of these creatures. Guided by their adults, the nursery children embark on a journey of discovery, blending the magic of storytelling with the joy of learning about the natural world around them.

To help your child extend this wonderful learning experience you can do a few things at home with your child: Create a story box with an old shoe box about the story, talk about what bears do, role play the story, talk to your child about the importance of sleep and going to bed early.

The children were investigating with electrical components

This week in Year 5

This week in Year 5 we have continued to study WW1 and begun to work towards our writing outcome, a balanced argument debating whether children should have contributed to the war effort. In order to strengthen writing skills for this we have looked at using a formal tone and technical language relating to the subject.

Also in Maths we have practiced multiplication techniques looking at place value and identifying prime numbers, cube number and square numbers.

In science we had a demonstration lesson explore what force’s act on an object when it floats in water, what is meant by buoyancy and what happens when you put raisins in lemonade.

We have also begun to practise for the upcoming Christmas performance.

Upcoming Events

20/11/23 – Inset day (school closed for children)

1/12/23 – School Trip to Tate Modern


School is closed to children on the 20th of November due to a school inset day

PE needs to be brought in but not worn on Thursdays

Swimming for Calipso will resume 27/11/23




Our science topic this term is ‘Forces and Magnets‘.

We have learnt that a force can be a push or a pull. We investigated the effects of friction on different surfaces. A force meter was used to measure the amount of force required to drag an object across different surfaces.

This week, we explored magnetic force. What fun we had exploring the properties of magnets and learning that magnetism doesn’t need contact in order for the force to be applied!

We were able to see that the same two sides of a magnet repel but the opposite sides of a magnet attract. Did you know that a magnetic field is created between the two poles of a magnet? When the different poles (north and south) of two magnets face each other, the magnetic lines of force are going in the same direction, and so the different poles attract each other. When the poles are facing each other the magnetic lines of force are going in different directions, so they push each other apart. 



We look forward to seeing the outstanding homework children complete for this term’s topic: Through the Ages -Stone Age to Iron Age. We have already seen some excellent drawings of prehistoric beasts!

Here’s the homework grid: Curriculum homework- Through the Ages

Have a look at the knowledge organiser here: Knowledge organiser The Stone Age

Today we had loads of fun on our local trip to Lucas gardens.  The weather was sunny and the children were able to find lots of beautiful leaves to bring back to school.  We will be using them in school to make lots of lovely leaf art!  Watch this space for what the children produce.

We also want to say a massive THANK YOU to the wonderful parents who came along to help.  You were amazing!

Here are some photos from our trip for you to enjoy.